Hygedent Brand impression materials are the dustfree alginate impression materials with a creamy consistency for general dental practice and for orthodontics. It has exceptional good elastic properties and a high tear-resistance. The impression surface is very smooth, which gives an excellent gypsum compatibility


-Always store Hygedent Impression in a cool, dry place.Temperature range is

 0~30℃, Humidity range is 0~80%.

-After opening the packaging store Hygedent Impression in a firmly closed storage box. Always close the box immediately after using the material.


-Stir the powder to loosen it well

-Scoop it from the storage box with a light, swift movement and then stroke the powder smooth: do not compress the powder in the scoop.

-Mix water (at room temperature) and powder in the mixing cup


*  for a partial impression            1 scoop + 1/3 beaker of water

*  for a full impression               2 scoop + 2/3 beaker of water

*  for an extra-large impression       3 scoop + 3/3 beaker of water

Ideal mixing ratio: 19.3g=2measuring scoops: 46ml=1full beaker.

You can make the mixture thinner or thicker by adding more or less water respectively.


-Mix both components together carefully and thoroughly for 30 seconds until a smooth and homogeneous mixture is obtained.

-Fill the tray immediately and use a wettened finger to stroke it smooth.

-Make sure that the patient has rinsed the mouth with warm water in the mean time.

Taking the impression

-within 1 minute after mixing, insert the filled impression tray into the patient’s mouth applying gentle pressure.

-Allow the impression material to set in the mouth for 1minute.

-remove the tray from the mouth in a single rapid movement.

-Rinse the tray under cold running water to remove saliva and any residues.

-Remove any excess water, but leave the surface moist. Never blow-dry!

Making the plaster models

-Immediately after rinsing, pour out the plaster impression and make a second plaster model if desired.

-If immediate pouring is impossible: store the impression in a firmly sealed plastic bag and add a few drops of water to achieve a relative humidity of 100%. This is essential for optimum results at a later pouring.

-For preference, Hygedent Impression meets ISO 6873 standard requirement and compatibility type3 and type4 gypsum.

Mixing time: 30″~45″

Total working time: more than 1,30 min

Total setting time: 2′30″~3 ′


  In 2% glutaraldehyde or 0.5% sodium hypochlorite disinfectant and disinfection 15 -30 minutes, non-obvious phenomenon of fading. It proved that alginate products have disinfection and antimicrobic capability.

Shelf life:



1. The working/setting times increase with a lower (water) temperature. At higher temperatures the times become shorter.

2. The water hardness has the same effect: the harder the water used for mixing, the shorter the working/setting time.

3. This instruction suits for all Hygedent brand product.